Soul Midwifery for Hospices

Soul Midwifery is now being successfully used in hospices in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand.

Our training can be delivered to your staff at your hospice, by Felicity Warner, or a qualified teaching soul midwife.

This course is designed for hospices who would like their existing staff to gain a working knowledge of soul midwifery. This training course provides practical hands-on soul midwifery training for therapists  and nurses already working in the palliative-care environment. The training will enable therapists to gain a deeper understanding of the stages of dying process and learn new techniques to bring comfort to their patients.

Soul Midwifery for Therapists includes the following:

  • What is soul midwifery and why use it?
  • Recognising the four stages of dying and how to help
  • Energy work and energy blocks
  • Techniques to aid discomfort or agitation: creating a journey or healing sanctuary visualisation, breathing exercises, terminal agitation technique, soothing touch, sound and colour therapy, aromatherapy oils for transition, heart-soul connection
  • Listening
  • Vigiling and care at the end
  • Professional boundaries and self-care

(Please note that this training is not as extensive as the Soul Midwifery Practitioner training, but will give hospice therapist staff the skills to use soul midwifery in their daily work.)

Our courses have been praised for their hands-on approach and useful techniques

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