The Soul Midwives’ Handbook

Soul Midwives, a movement begun by Felicity Warner, has changed the face of modern holistic and spiritual palliative care in the UK and abroad.

Soul Midwives are holistic and spiritual companions to the dying. They draw on traditional skills, now largely forgotten, applying them to our modern world to ease the passage of those who are dying. Their services are used within people’s own homes, in hospices and in care homes.
Soul Midwives Handbook book cover
Anyone with an open and compassionate heart and a desire to help others can train to become a Soul Midwife. This book will guide you through the core principles and techniques of this practice.

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Praise for The Soul Midwives’ Handbook

‘In this moving book, Felicity has encapsulated the wisdom of the ages into practical examples of how to BE with the dying; how to honour and hold that sacred space for everyone as they prepare to make the journey that we all must take.’
Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to Be Me

‘It is wonderful that Felicity Warner’s Soul Midwives now have a handbook for practical use. As vigiling reclaims its rightful place at the bedside, The Soul Midwives’ Handbook emerges as a useful and timely tool for those who are called to this sacred work.’
Megory Anderson PhD, author of Sacred Dying

‘Well, don’t they do fantastic work? Not just for the dying, but for those left behind.’
Brian Blessed, actor

‘The work of Felicity Warner and the Soul Midwives is absolutely crucial for those of us who believe that death is one of the most important moments of our life. By providing loving and gentle support, Felicity and the Soul Midwives support people to have the death that they want. What could be more important?’
Jon Underwood, pioneer of the Death Cafe movement

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